Top 10 Online Business Degree Programs For 2019

Top 10 Online Business Degree Programs For 2019
    Whether you’re aspiring to be one of the wolves of Wall Street, or even if you want to launch a small private business, an Online Business Degree will most definitely improve your knowledge and skills to gear you up of all you need for a thriving business career.

    Top 10 Online Business Degree Programs

    10- Arkansas State University – Jonesboro

    Average Tuition: $587/Credit
    The school occupies women of all generations and academic qualifications to persevere influential business careers through:
    • R.M. Bob Wood Sales Leadership Center
    • Delta Center for Economic Development

    9- Carnegie Mellon University

    Average Tuition: $1,920/Credit
    The business school at the university has created some lab-related training environments for enroled students such as:
    • Annual Etiquette Dinner and the Tepper Ball
    • Competitions
    • Networking events

    8- University Of Nebraska – Lincoln

    Average Tuition: $600/Credit
    There are 10 available undergrad majors:
    • accounting
    • management
    • economics
    • finance
    • marketing
    • supply chain management
    • actuarial science
    • agribusiness
    • business administration
    • international business

    7- James Madison University

    Average Tuition: $900/Credit
    Academic activities for enhancing students’ future career expertise:
    • Focused Career Exhibition
    • Interracial Functional Systems course (COB 300)
    • Google and Social Media Engagements
    • CPA tests

    6- Auburn University

    Average Tuition: $850/Credit
    The school offers 14 undergrad business majors such as:
    • entrepreneurship
    • aviation
    • supply chain management

    5- University Of Florida
    Average Tuition: $1,113/Credit
    Available Majors for undergraduates:
    • Accounting
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • General Studies
    • Economics
    • Information Systems

    4- Arizona State University

    Average Tuition: $1,151/Credit
    College Programs are:
    • Camp Carey
    • WPC 101 course
    • Business Student Connections
    • P. Carey 360°

    3- Temple University

    Average Tuition: $1,245/Credit
    The university business school provides immersion programs to students at all levels:
    • Freshmen
    • Sophomores
    • Juniors
    • Seniors

    2- Indiana University – Bloomington

    Average Tuition: $1,300/Credit
    These programs can either be attended on-campus or online. About 100+ classes are available in 17 tongues and in 37 different countries:
    • Kelley Compass Courses
    • Global Foundations Core (G-Core)
    • Integrative Core (I-Core)

    1- University Of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

    Average Tuition: $1,585/Credit
    Undergraduate-level available programs are:
    • STAR program or STAR Global
    • Up-Your Game Simulation
    • Entrepreneurial Consulting program
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